Hulk 400 Gas limo gas golf cart, Red

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overall size 12' long, 60" wide , 73" high 

Fuel Injection system 

H and L gear for better climbing 

Digital Gage Set with Speedometer

Head Lights, Tail Lights and Brake Lights. Turn Signals 

Integral Manual Shift Gear Box for Forward Neutral and Reverse

4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hand Actuated Mechanical Parking Brake

McPherson Strut Front Suspension

Double A-Arm Fully Independent Rear Suspension

Rear folding seat and Under seat Storage

Add on accessories: Dual golf bag mounting bracket  , Bluetooth stereo system, Remote LED light kit, Marine 6.5 speaker Bluetooth, 24 inch trailer extension, Full cab enclosure, Rear arm rest and cup holders, 48 inch LED light bar, Full folding windshield

If you are living in Florida, please purchase Florida package at Accessories section .